Company Introduction

    Digital China Information Service Company Ltd。 (DCITS for short; stock code: 000555。SZ) is a Chinese leading information service provider。 For the past 30 years, DCITS has been dedicating itself to pushing forward China’s informatization progress as well as the development of its information industry through business model, technology and product innovation, providing professional IT service with a wide range of technical service, agricultural informatization, application software development, special financial equipment, integrated solutions to key industries such as finance, government and enterprises, telecommunications, agriculture and manufacturing。 Supported by cloud computing and big data, with focus on productization and platform development, DCITS has conducted layout of industrial Internet, promoted crossover fusion, constructed a new industrial service ecosystem, and offered customers integrated IT services with professional services and strong responsibility。


    As an important step of DCITS’s Smart City strategy, we provide technical services, software products, cloud services, special financial equipment, integrated solutions, and other specialized IT services for the financial sector, government, enterprises, telecommunications, agriculture and other key industries。 Following its official entry into the field of agricultural informatization in 2014, DCITS has completed the expansion from smart cities to smart countryside, and improved the overall layout of the Smart China strategy。

    Investor Relations

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    • Address:
    • Department of Capital Security,Floor 5,Digital China Mansion,No.16Suzhoujie, Haidian District, Beijing
    • Zip Code:
    • 100080
    • Investor hotline:
    • 010-61853676
    • Company Tel:
    • 010-62693001
    • Fax:
    • 010-62694810
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